An Oxford Talk

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In the last little while (ok, long while) I have been busy writing my PhD dissertation. To the outside onlooker, it looks fairly straight-forward: you've done all the work, now you just have to put it in a document. How hard can it be, right? Well... it's not the most complicated thing I had to do for my PhD, but it's a lot of work. And this is relevant mostly because after four or five hours of writing my dissertation, I have no mental powers to write a blog post. Sorry about that. However, since I have you here, I'll tell you about my trip to Oxford.

Last week I gave an invited talk at a seminar in Oxford University. I was super-excited (I still can't believe I did that), and it went well. I went for the day, got to see a bit of the city and campus, and I had lunch at a college (don't ask me how this system works, I'm still confused. I think my hosts were, too). It was fantastic. At one point I asked the people I was having lunch with whether you get desensitised to being at Oxford all the time. They all said "yes, pretty much". I, however, marvelled at the 300-year-old buildings in which people are doing ground-breaking research for centuries. I'd love to have a conversation with the walls of one of the local old pubs.

Anyway, here is a pdf file of my slides from the talk I gave. One day I'll write a post about my research, but for now, there are some interesting academic things in there :)

A tale of two flexibilities

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