Hello, my name is Gal. I was a student of child development for several years when my son was born, so I was pretty sure I could handle being a parent, no problem. Ha! The first thing I learned from having two kids? No amount of books will ever prepare you to being a parent. The second thing was to always have wipes handy. So, after I recuperated from having a baby I had another baby, just for kicks. A girl this time.

While I was home, first with my son and then with my daughter, I had questions. LOTS of questions. And I tried to find a source that wasn’t a “self-help” guide to how to be a better parent. Something that was based on actual science; because, you know, I’m a scientist and we are weird like that. I found nothing, except for academic papers, which is not what you want to read when you are going on 5 hours of sleep per night in segments of 1.5 hours each. It pissed me off a little bit then, and now it pisses me off even more, so ask me about that the next time we are sitting for coffee, if you dare :)

I decided to fill this gap, to put up on the internet a place for parents to find information that they can understand, that is based on science, and that they are able to read. I always secretly wanted to “be a writer”, and now I can fulfill my secret dream by combining the two major things that are going on in my life: my kids, and my writing.

So welcome, and I hope you enjoy the reading!

@2015 - Gal Podjarny